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$29.95 a month on MOTOTRBO

Three Year Lease with Airtime!

Leading Edge Wireless will lease you a brand new MotoTRBO Digital Portable or Mobile Radio for three years with airtime and warranty service included for the low price of $29.95 a month on a three year agreement with a $50.00 deposit per unit at the begining. These units are of the highest quality in digital technology.

The same units are available for purchase and a reduced airtime cost of $19.95 a month on a one year airtime agreement.

Please contact one of Leading Edge's professional sales associates for a quote!

maximize your sales with great deals!

For trade-in terms and conditions information, contact a sales representative today!

Promotion Dates

all promotions end:

July 2nd, 2016


Trade-In Offers:

Receive a discount off the purchase of 10 or more of any of the following digital MOTOTRBO two-way radios on a single order with a qualifying trade-in of 10 eligible units.

Save $1,200

Save $1,200 ($120 per unit)*

Eligible Units:
    SL7000e series
    XPR7000e series


Trade-in units must be returned in quantities of 10:
   -VHF two-way radios
   -UHF two-way radios
   -200, 700, 800, 900 MHz two-way radios
   -Push-to-talk (PTT) cellular products    (must include a PPT and quick talk button)
   -business band conventional & trunked    two-way radios




Trade-In Offers:

Receive a discount off the purchase of 10 digital MOTOTRBO CP200d or SL300 two-way radios and trade in 10 eligible radios from Motorola or another manufacturer.

Save $500

Save $500 ($50 per unit)*

Eligible Units:
   SL300 series

*Receive a FREE Desktop Charger with the purchase of an SL300 radio! (Model PMLN7109)

Save $250

Save $250 ($25 per unit)*
Save $350 ($35 per unit)*

Eligible Units:

*Discount increases to $350 if 10 CP200d radios are traded in!



Receive a discount of $200 when you purchase a MOTOTRBO SLR5700 Repeater and trade in a repeater from Motorola or another manufacturer!*

All repeaters from Motorola Solutions and other manufacturers are eligible for trade-in!

At least ONE MOTOTRBO SLR5700 repeater must be ordered.There is no maximum number of units that can be purchased. The number of repeaters purcahsed and traded in must be an equal number to qualify for the discount.

*Discount increases to $300 if Motorola XPR8300 or XPR8400 Repeaters are traded in!

finance OFFER - 0% interest!

You've told us how important financing is to your customers. Once again, we're helping you overcome budget concerns!

You can receive 0% interest financing for 12 months on Motorola Solutions equipment valued at $25,000 or more! Contact us today for more information!


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